Eating Post-Op

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a week since I’ve updated. I have been responding to your emails/questions/comments and will continue to do so between my blogs so keep sending them my way! I definitely have felt a lot of love and support since I started this blog, and I am really grateful for that. As I said before, I just want to help people.

Life has been great on my end! The first few days (pretty much the first week) is DEFINITELY the hardest. The pain got better every day, but there are a lot of emotional and physical changes that take place the first week. It’s a struggle, but well worth it! Last time I updated I was only 6 days out, so I was still in the hardest part. Now that I’m on day 13, I have a much better grasp on the changes.

The full liquid diet was very difficult because I was so sick of liquids. At day 6 I got the “ok” to start experimenting a little more. She (my nutritionist) said to start with pureed (or very easy to chew) foods. The suggestions on the packet my surgeon gave me was thinly shaved deli meat, low fat cheese, scrambled egg whites, etc. So from day 6 until day 12 my day was predictably as follows: 2oz egg salad with light mayo, deli meat roll-up (1 slice of turkey and 1 slice of low-fat colby jack cheese rolled together), and fudgesicles. My days would alternate between these 3 things (sometimes I would have a protein shake, a hard boiled egg instead of egg salad, etc, but it was mostly just those 3 things).

At day 12 I got the “ok” to move onto soft foods. That night I had a little over 1 cup of Rice Krispies cereal with 1 cup of fat free milk (and 1 sweet n low packet sprinkled on top). It was soooooo good! Problem is I’m not sure if I ate too fast or ate too much but I felt very sick afterwords. I didn’t throw up, but I just felt miserable. I had the “gurgles” (those who have had WLS will probably understand this) and I just felt so weak and awful. I actually passed out after 20 minutes or so. After taking a small nap I felt a lot better though, so that was good.

Since the cereal adventure I have been slightly scared to try new things, but I’ve been fine as long as I proceed with caution. I have had crab legs, scallops, and meat sauce (obviously with no pasta). I have handled those really well! I got the scallops and crab legs from Red Lobster. The scallops didn’t make me sick but they weren’t that good either so I won’t be getting them again. The crab legs though….. heaven! I only eat about 3-4 legs for a meal, but it’s so delicious and full of protein. Two nights ago I made my mom’s meat sauce recipe (the absolute BEST) which included ground beef. I can only eat a little bit at a time (it’s very filling), but it hasn’t bothered my tummy at all.

I admit that I’m still very scared to try different things. I don’t want to throw up or experience dumping syndrome. My nutritionist said that all patients have to learn “the hard way” (meaning you have to experiment to figure out what you can and cannot handle), but I’m still trying to be as cautious as possible. I will continue to update y’all on foods I add into my diet.

I have been pretty good at getting enough water in though. I get between 40-60 ounces of water every day. It’s gotten a LOT easier. I am still struggling getting in a healthy amount of protein. I need to be getting 60 grams of protein or more (preferably more), but that’s easier said than done. I really don’t like protein shakes. They are way too sweet! I know there are other flavors out there like soup flavored, juice flavored, etc but I don’t want to spend money experimenting with them when I can just stick to getting protein through food. With the hard boiled eggs, crab legs, and meat sauce I am getting enough protein. When I can add “harder” soft foods (chicken and whatever else), I think it will be a bit easier.

Personal updates. I am OFF ALL MEDICINE!!!!! I am no longer diabetic, hypertensive, and I don’t have high cholesterol!! I now only take vitamins. Words can’t begin to explain how happy that makes me. I also have felt healthier and more energetic then ever! On Friday we built a fort for Autumn, and we all sat in it and hung out. Of course Autumn was the one who stayed in it the shortest, but Alex and I loved lounging around in our fort! Later that night Timur watched Autumn and Alex and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy. I LOVED IT!!!!! It was so good, I can’t wait to buy it on DVD 🙂 On Saturday we went to Starved Rock (a huge state park with waterfalls, trails, and so many gorgeous sights to see), and then we walked around Ottawa (where Abraham Lincoln had his first debate (I think lol)). There was a book fair, an art fair, a farmers market, and a carnival. We spent the rest of the day walking around the different fairs and festivals, and it was a blast! Side note, I didn’t run out of energy until the very end of the day! It felt so good to be active.

Sophia and I are starting to work out tonight. I’m excited and nervous, but more excited. Now that I am already feeling better, I just want to keep getting healthier and healthier. I feel extremely excited and motivated for what’s to come and it’s an incredible feeling! I was already unbelievably happy, but now I’m adding healthy into my already enormous bag of blessings. God is good!

On my next blog I will update on my diet progress and how exercising is going.

Love, happiness, and health to all!

Dimand Girl

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.”- Andrew Murphy

“Nothing we do can change the past, but everything we do changes the future.”- Ashleigh Brilliant

“If you change nothing, nothing will change.”- Unknown


^^The fort we built!^^


^^Starved Rock and Downtown Ottawa Festivals!^^

2 thoughts on “Eating Post-Op

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi!! Thank you for sending me that message through Cassie’s sight. I have been reading through your WLS journey and I’m so happy you told me about your blog!! I’m reaallly struggling here. …i only had my Bypass on Monday and today is Friday but at least I know I’m not alone. 😊 I still have a lot of painful gas/burping…sorry I know thats a bit of TMI. Lol. I just pray that I start to feel better soon cause honestly, I feel extremely drained. Maybe I’m pushing nyself too hard…
    😕. I look forward to reading more. ..


    • Jessica,

      What you are going through (regarding burping and gas) is COMPLETELY NORMAL!!! But you should definitely not be pushing yourself too hard, take it easy! There’s one thing I can confidently promise you… It keeps getting better by the day/week! I feel pretty much 99% back to normal already except I can’t eat that much, and my energy level is SKY HIGH! It’s incredible! Please keep in touch, I have made many friends in the WLS community already and I have noticed that they have become a huge support for me. I would love to become part of your support system now. We are in this together!

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