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Hey guys! Today (the 12th) marks my third full week since surgery. There is a lot to talk about, so please bear with me. I know my blogs are typically very lengthy, and I’m sorry about that, but it’s all written with good intentions. I have lost 33 pounds total, starting from my pre-op liquid diet. I have lost 13 pounds since the surgery, so 13 pounds in three weeks. I definitely thought it would fall off faster, but- as my nutritionist keeps telling me- everything is moving at a good pace. 

So a day or two after my last post I got a horrible UTI. It was soooo painful! I got on antibiotics, and I’m currently still on them but the pain is pretty much gone. For the UTI, I’m taking two doses a day of Cefuroxime (the antibiotic). For the rash, my doctor is having me take Claritin for a month. Believe it or not, it really is working (KNOCK ON WOOD), because the rash is basically gone, HOORAY!!! I am still off of all diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol medicine! I basically just take my vitamins and the antibiotic and Claritin. 

About the surgery. Life after surgery is honestly a roller coaster. Ultimately I know this surgery was 100% for the best, but there are many struggles that come along with the reward. This surgery is definitely not the easy way out like some people believe. It is one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through. Now to elaborate:

I have been worried as of late that I can eat too much. Today I ate 1,025 calories and yesterday I ate 1,263. I explained this to my nutritionist and she said “Suzy, my 3 year old daughter eats more calories than that!”, and it made me feel a lot better but I still feel like it’s a lot. Everyone I talk to and read about online is all like “I can only eat 400-600 calories a month out of surgery”, and I’m all like “…..I’m hungry.” It has definitely been worrying me, but I’m trying very hard to not let it discourage or bring me down. The mental aspect of this is very difficult. Getting used to my new normal and learning not to compare my journey to other people’s journeys has proven to be very difficult. I really need to work on trusting the process, not comparing, and giving this my all. 

Another extremely difficult part of post-op life is getting enough water and protein. It seems like I can’t do both. On days I do great with water, I lack in the protein department and vice versa. It’s SO hard to get both in. Especially because I really don’t like the protein shakes I have (Body Fortress- Whey Isolate- Chocolate), they are way too sweet. People are like “try this protein powder”, but they aren’t the cheapest of products lol! Another thing is, it seems that on days that I do great on protein (and get between 70-90 grams), my calorie intake is much higher. It sucks because it all feels like a lose-lose. I either get a good amount of protein but not enough water and am too high is calories, or I don’t get enough protein and do great with water. UGH! WLS problems!

By the way— I had my first (and only) throw up experience post-op. And guess what it was over…… AN EGG! What the hell!? I’ve been eating hard-boiled eggs since like 3 days post-op! I must have eaten too fast or something because halfway through the egg I RAN to the bathroom and threw it up. It sucked. I haven’t had a hard-boiled egg since. I’ve been eating egg salad, egg-white omelet’s, and scrambled eggs but no full hard-boiled eggs.  

Bad news update: I have been awful at working out. Tonight was my first night going to the gym even though I said I was going to last week. Good news update: I LOVED THE GYM! I have so much motivation to go back because of how much I loved it! Sophia and I walked over a mile on the treadmill in 20 minutes, and I was going at a really good pace! Then we did some lower-body weights and I loved those too. I literally can’t wait to go back! This week I am going 3 times, but I’m going to keep building up until eventually I’m going 5-6 times a week. I also bought this mp3 player and this armband for it so that I can listen to music while I workout. This goes in the major WIN category 😉

In other news, I start school in two weeks and I’m nervous to go back. I’ll be extremely busy and I’m hoping that I can manage all of it without cracking. I will need to go to school, do my homework (and do it well), workout 4-6 times a week, eat right, maintain family time, maintain a social life, and continue being present and affectionate to Autumn. I can already tell what a struggle it’s going to be, and I pray about it all the time. This sounds horrible, but if I can’t handle it all I’m going to drop school first. My health needs to be #1 on my list of priorities. I don’t plan on that happening though, I truly believe that with some very hard work I can make it through this.

Please continue to send emails, facebook messages, and ask any questions you have!

Love to all!

Dimand Girl



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