One Month Come and Gone

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to do an update and a recipe. This recipe is going to be a healthy recipe, so that all my new friends who have also had WLS (love them!!) can try it too!

So far I’ve lost a total of 39 pounds since the pre-op liquid diet. 19 of those pounds were lost (and will never be found) after surgery. Yesterday was my one month post-op appointment. My brother (SO HAPPY HE’S IN TOWN!!!!!!) went with me to the appointment’s. Yes, that was plural. I saw my nutritionist at 11am, and then my brother and I had lunch downtown- and desert- and then my surgeon’s appointment was at 2pm. After I saw my surgeon I saw another nutritionist (my first one is about to go on maternity leave). So I didn’t get home until 5:30pm. It was an all day thing, but turned out to be really good anyway. Both nutritionist’s said I am doing great. They said I need to up my water intake, but in terms of weight-loss I’m doing perfect. The first nutritionist said “you are actually ahead of the curb.” I was SO excited to hear that because I have been concerned that I can eat “too much”. In my blog post Gym Rat I expressed that I can eat way more calories than most people I talk to who have had the same surgery. I found out that this is a good thing!! My nutritionist said she wants me to be getting between 850-1100 calories a day, with 64 ounces of water, and 60-100 grams of protein. She didn’t say anything about fat or carbs, so I take it that water and protein are still my main goals.

I’m working my way up to 64 ounces (I’ve gotten there twice, but can’t seem to do it every day). My nutritionist said it’s normal that I can’t do 64 ounces a day, but to keep adding 2-3 more ounces a day and eventually I’ll be there. Right now I’m getting about 34-50 ounces of water a day, 60-100 grams of protein, and between 700-1000 calories. For a while I felt like I could eat as much as I wanted, but the last week I’ve been feeling major restriction. When I eat a few bites now, I start getting really full. I forgot to ask my surgeon about that, but everyone online says it’s because during the surgery there are some nerve endings being damaged and until they heal it’s normal to not feel full so much. Now I am feeling full a lot, so there’s nothing to worry about in that department.

Working out is actually fun for me now! The only thing annoying about it, is finding the time to go. Yesterday hubby couldn’t work because of the rain (he works taking video’s and pictures of cars to help sell them so whenever it rains his boss doesn’t have them come in because no one wants a picture of a rained-on car with gloomy skies in the background). So we hung out together and before dinner we went to the gym. We did the treadmill, elliptical, and bike. We each did around 2 miles (1.3 miles was on the treadmill). I loved the bike but it didn’t seem “hard” enough (like it didn’t really get my heart rate up enough). The elliptical on the other hand…. too hard. I’m gonna keep trying it and hoping I get better and better, but for now it’s really hard for me. It hurts my legs and I feel tired super fast. After our workout we did the murderous massage chairs together, and then left. Sophia and I used the massage chairs on our second day working out together. We were cracking up because these chairs are seriously murderous. They punch, chop, and twist in all directions and it HURTS. Even though they are super painful, after you get up and walk away you realize how much looser and better you feel. It’s like a metaphor for working out…. fight through the pain and feel amazing afterwards. Alex loved the intensity of the chairs (he’s always been much better at handling pain than me though).

This week is my last week of summer break. Next week I start school, and terrified doesn’t even begin to express how scared I really am. I made a schedule for this semester, and it’s brutal. I’m taking 6 classes (long story but I kind of have to), watching Autumn all day on my days off, working out 4-6 times a week, cooking dinners for the family, the list goes on an on. I showed Alex the schedule and he is pretty freaked out by it too. My days start at 6am, and my schedule is literally filled every half hour and hour until 11pm. NO FREE TIME! Mind you, my neurotic self even scheduled in showers and packing lunches for the next day. Anyway, I’m just really praying that I get through this semester and do well. It’s very important to me that I maintain my GPA and continue being the best mom to Autumn that I can be. I scheduled in as much family time as I could because it’s the most important thing to me to have Autumn time.

Speaking of Autumn, I think we may be in the terrible two’s LOL (but not really laughing- more like crying). She’s really well behaved (KNOCK ON WOOD) when we go in public, but at home she’s constantly testing us. It’s definitely a difficult time, but with a lot of prayer and hard work we will get through it.

Have a new addition to my “To Do When Healthy” list: Survive and complete a Tough Mudder!!!

Love to all!

Dimand Girl

“It is okay for me to have everything I want.”- Anthony Burrill

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most.”- Augusta F. Kantra

“The expert at anything was once a beginner.”- Helen Hayes


photo 1 (5)


^^Can’t even go grocery shopping without her teddy bear 🙂 ^^


photo 2 (4)


^^Autumn and daddy!! And Uncle TeeTee on his phone lol^^

photo 5 (1)


^^My one month surgery check-up and spending the day with my big brother!^^

One thought on “One Month Come and Gone

  1. Love that your doing so much with your time school, Autumn,working out, and keeping up with this crazy diet is all important.You are the most amazing, intelligent, strong and most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.

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