Free Falling

Hey everyone!!! Just to quickly clear this up, the blog title “Free Falling” has nothing to do with this post. I watched Jerry Maguire a few days ago (love that movie!), and I can’t get the song/scene out of my head when Tom Cruise sings “Free Falling” in his car. Again, love that movie!

I have received a plethora of support regarding my dad’s health scare (and I posted that blog only 3 days ago!!). I’ve received a bunch of emails from people reading this blog, and I am feeling the love and support SO MUCH lately! All of your good wishes, prayers, and positive thoughts have helped! My dad’s kidney’s are starting to look better, and dialysis (at least for now) is off the table! Though my dad is still in a lot of pain (mostly from the broken ribs), he’s doing better by the day! God is incredible and so are you guys!!!

Last week I had an amazing workout week, and this week… not so much. I’m upset with myself about being bad this week, so I’m going to start going tonight and through the weekend. I’ve also been kind of stalled lately, and I think it’s because I’m not going to the gym as much. So I gotta kick it into gear!

In terms of eating, I’m still scared of chicken (the only chicken that seems to work is grilled chicken in salads). Since it’s made me sick three times, I am feeling like I need to stay away for a few months. Alex and I went shopping last night, and I bought a bunch of meal foods so that I can start cooking again. Crab legs were on sale $6 for a pound (!) so I got some. My meal foods included: a pound of frozen sea scallops, a pound of crab legs, frozen shrimp, and top sirloin steak. I usually eat brunch because I don’t like eating breakfast when I first wake up (I never feel hungry that early so I just drink some water). My brunches are pretty predictable though. I have 1-2 eggs (depending how hungry I am but I usually have 1) and some fruit. All summer I’ve been eating egg(s) and some watermelon on the side, but now that watermelon is out of season I will probably have a clementine or berries on the side.

I made a dinner meal plan for next week:

Monday- Salad with fat free dressing and grilled chicken strips with fruit on the side.

Tuesday- Steak, small russet potato with light sour cream, and spinach side salad with fat free dressing.

Wednesday- Stir fry with shrimp, spinach, corn, and 1/4 a cup of brown rice.

Thursday- Scallops, 1/4 a cup of mashed potatoes, spinach, and corn.

Friday- Dinner out.

Saturday- Try a new recipe each week from Pinterest.

Sunday- Crab legs, small russet potato with light sour cream, and spinach.

It seems that my biggest struggle post-op is snacking. My meals are all pretty healthy, but I feel the urge to snack a lot. Even if it’s small snacks, it adds up quickly throughout the day and night. I’m thinking that I need to implement a new rule that my sister introduced me to but I haven’t actually tried yet: no eating after BLANK pm. Since I go to sleep somewhat late, my kitchen would be closed at 9pm, and then NO MORE FOOD/SNACKING!

Wish me luck on cooking crab legs and scallops for the first time! I’m hoping I don’t mess them up (over cook, under cook, or too bland). I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

Dimand Girl

“A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.”- Thomas Keller

“Slow progress is better than no progress.”- Unknown

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