The Devil Machine

Hola everyone! Everything’s going really well by me. I made scallops for the up the recipe for them today. Last night I made them, but I messed them up really bad. I added lemon juice (just to try it out) and it turned out horribly. I also put wayyyyy to much pepper. I was so disappointed but at least the boys like ’em! They were just too over-seasoned for my liking. I definitely learned a lesson for next time though… less pepper and no lemon juice.

In other news, I’m being much better about the gym. I’ve already gone 3 times this week, and I’m planning on going 1-2 times this weekend. On Wednesday Sophia and I met with a trainer through the gym. He’s not the type of trainer who stands with you (unfortunately), but he’s free with the gym membership so it’s just free help for us. He gave us a lot of valuable tips and pointed us in the right direction. He told us to start using this machine called The Arc. ITS SO HARD!! I mean, seriously. We were panting, sweating, grizzly when we were done. And we only did 10 minutes!! The workout felt amazing though. We actually liked the machine even though it kicked our butts.

Keeping this one short… for once! 😉

Have a great weekend y’all!!!!

Dimand Girl

“Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, it simply means that you have to work hard.”- Unknown

cybex arc trainer

^^Devil machine/The Arc^^

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