Sweet(?) September

September is a weird month for me. It starts out sad, and ends very sweet. September 3rd is the day my mom passed away (four years ago). The day is kind of surreal to me. It doesn’t really make me sad, but it makes me think about her even more than usual. September 20th is her birthday, and that day is very sad for me.

But then the month takes a turn for the better. September 22nd is Alex and my anniversary. Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary of being together, and our 2nd anniversary of being married (we wanted our wedding day to be on the same day we got together). Alex worked yesterday so we celebrated on Sunday instead. We went to Sybaris (one of our new favorite places) and then went out to dinner with Timur and Autumn. It was an incredible day! I had champagne for the first time since surgery, and it went down fine! By the way, Sybaris is a romantic pool suite for couples. Our room had a master bed, a kitchen, a HUGE pool and waterfall in the pool, a hot tub, a Jacuzzi, etc. The rooms are freakin incredible!

September 22nd was also my two month surgiversary! Stats are in: I have lost a total (from my highest weight before surgery) of 50 pounds! Since the day of surgery I have lost 30. My nutritionist told me I am ahead of the average weight loss for my age and weight group! I am very happy with the changes. The number on the scale doesn’t show how much energy I have and how every article of clothing has become huge on me. I showed Alex the other day that I can pull my jeans out super far from my stomach. I ALWAYS have to wear a belt really tight to keep my pants on now. It’s absolutely incredible how much energy I have now, too.

I went to the gym 4 times last week so that’s good. I was supposed to go to the gym last night but I got my period and had a terrible headache so I didn’t. I’m gonna have to make up for that though. When Sophia and I went to the gym on Friday we did much better on the Arc (see blog here if you have no idea what I’m talking about). It’s still very hard but we are making progress slowly. We just need to take small 10 second breaks when we get exhausted from it. Small note about my time of the month… after I had Autumn I got the Mirena IUD. Once I got my IUD, I didn’t get my period for two years. After the surgery, my cycle has started back up. I can’t tell whether I’m happy or sad about this. I’m happy because it’s oddly nice to have the monthly feminine gift from mother nature (I know how crazy that probably sounds). But it’s bad because the cramps and bleeding sucks. Not to mention as I said before it also usually causes me to have headaches.

Haven’t cooked anything new lately. Been eating seafood a lot. I’ve been making my delicious Pan Seared Sea Scallops two or three times a week (still not sick of them!). On other nights I’m eating crab legs, honey soy tilapia, and sometimes steak. Depends what’s on sale at the store. I want to try a new recipe this weekend, so I will let y’all know what I pick and how it goes. Any suggestions? Let me know.

Until next time,

Dimand Girl

“You can love someone so much… but you can never love people as much as you can miss them.”- John Green

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