Sickness Sucks

Hey guys! I got a lot of emails (on gmail and facebook) this week! I replied to mostly everyone… I think there is 1-2 more emails I have to respond to. I just wanted to thank you guys again for all the support! It seriously makes my day opening my email and finding questions and support from you guys! As I have said in the past- all I want to do is help. I’m so glad that this blog has made me feel like I’m accomplishing that mission. So keep emailing me everyone!!

On a lower note, everyone was sick in my household this week. First Timur, then Alex, then Autumn…….. then me 😦 I thought for a second that I could actually somehow avoid being sick, but NOPE. On an even lower note, I have not worked out AT ALL in a week. I’ve been taking care of everyone and have had virtually no time to myself. I’ve been eating even better then usual this week though since I knew there would be a lack of exercise. Timur has been feeling better since Tuesday (his cold kind of came and went), but Alex was sick until Thursday (he had a virus). Luckily Autumn and I had the same experience as Timur. It just kind of came- stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing- and then vanished in a couple days. Poor Alex had a much worse experience.

This weekend was pretty fun though! Everyone was feeling better so on Saturday we went to lunch at Walker Bro’s and then we went to Wolff’s Flea Market. It was a lot of fun and we got some really good finds! Alex and Timur bought some currency from other countries, Sophia bought Autumn a tickle-me-elmo, and I bought some Halloween decorations for the apartment. The place was huge! Even though I didn’t work out last week, my fitbit reported that I walked over 10,000 steps this weekend so at least I got in some activity. Yesterday (Sunday) we visited my brother and laid in a field listening to music and playing with the dogs. Autumn loves being outside! She kept saying “I want to go hike!” It was a blast! When we got home we still wanted to be outside so we went in a field outside our apartment complex and laid under a red-leaved tree. We snuggled up in blankets and played with the leaves. It was honestly kind of magical. I could not put my love for fall into words! I told Autumn that this is her season since it’s named after her 😉 We finished the day off by visiting Alex’s grandfather at his retirement community, decorating the apartment for Halloween, and watching horror movies (after Autumn went to bed obviously lol). FYI- the reason I am ranting about my weekend is because my week was incredibly uneventful!

In honor of Halloween, we have been watching Halloween movies all month so far. So far we’ve seen (not including the horror movies)– Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas (my favorite movie), The Addams Family 1 & 2, and Halloweentown 1 & 2. We have many more to go! I’m also really looking forward to our Halloween gathering. I sent the evites yesterday and I think most of the friends I invited are coming. I’m also excited to go to a haunted house this weekend. Not sure how many times I can say this (because I happen to say it a lot), but I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!

Side note I forgot to mention earlier: On Friday I went to UIC for my 3 month nutritionist check-up. I also got blood work done and I will let y’all know the results as soon as I get them. It’s gonna tell me about my A1C, b12 levels, calcium levels, etc etc etc. In terms of weight loss I’m doing fantastic! Once again she said “you’re ahead of the curb!” which made me feel incredible! Even though I can eat a lot sometimes (a lot meaning 1500 calories a day), I am still losing steadily. I have lost 58 pounds since my highest weight before surgery (before the pre-op liquid diet). Since the day of surgery I have lost 38 pounds. ZERO of my pants fit without a belt, most of my shirts have become baggy, even my shoes feel loose! Not to mention, my energy is at an all time high! I feel like a 12 year old with how much energy I have now.

Love and health to all,

Dimand Girl

“Create healthy habits, not restrictions.”- Unknown

“Every day is Halloween, isn’t it? For some of us.”- Tim Burton

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”- Michael J. Fox

Hanging out with Uncle Joshy:

photo 1 (8)

The family in our own backyard:

photo 2 (8)

❤ They are literally everything to me ❤

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