In Love With This Town

Hey guys! How is everyone? It’s been a beautiful fall week over here! A little chilly, but still beautiful! We are going to a haunted house this week! We go to a haunted house every year as a family tradition. We’ve been to many haunted houses but our favorite one is the one we’re probably going to this weekend. It never let’s us down! Just in case you’re reading this and you live in Illinois (or may want to visit), I’m including the link to it: The Massacre Haunted House.

We have been spending a lot of time in this gorgeous town called Long Grove. It’s about 30 minutes away and it’s just an absolutely breathtaking little town- especially in fall! This weekend we went into a bunch of shops there, we got some homemade apple cider donuts and chocolate peanuts, and laid out on a blanket in a field next to a gazebo. It was magical. We also finished our holiday shopping (at least for the most part). We’re getting ready and excited for our Halloween party (on the 25th).

I’ve been better this week about getting enough fluids in each day. I haven’t really been monitoring calories or protein intake, but since I feel fine and continue to lose weight steadily I’m assuming it’s all going well. My nutritionist told me to back off from calorie and carb counting and just go with the flow. She said the chances of me over-eating are so low that there’s really no need to stress myself out with numbers. And to be honest, I’m loving this. It’s soooo nice to just throw my hands in the air and stop being so strict. And like I said, I’m still steadily losing weight. My total weight-loss (including highest weight pre-op) is 60 pounds. My weight-loss since the day of surgery is 40 pounds. All-in-all, everything is going great! I am feeling very energetic, very happy, and very productive.

Love, health, and a happy fall to everyone!

Dimand Girl

“The mind and body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other.”- Unknown

“When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.”- Joyce Brothers

photo (18)

^^Long Grove… one of our favorite spots^^

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