This Is Halloween

For those of you who don’t know, “This is Halloween” is the title of a song from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. My favorite movie of all time! A movie I have seen more than any other movies in the history of movie watching.

Halloween was a complete success, BUT we are completely Halloween-ed out. I’m actually glad that it’s a new month! So happy November everyone! This month I have gone to three pumpkin patches, went to five Halloween stores, carved a pumpkin, went to a haunted house, had a Halloween party, watched a billion Halloween movies, and went trick r treating. I might even be forgetting some! It’s been a long, fun month, but it’s time to move forward! Trick r treating yesterday was fun but freezing cold. It was around 30 degrees and even snowed yesterday. We went to downtown Arlington Heights and got candy from each shop. Then we went for a little while longer in our neighborhood. When we got too cold we got dinner out and went home.

The pumpkin patch with my brother, Helen, dad, and Autumn was super fun! It was really nice to have a family day and Autumn had a blast! Today we’re doing some “fall cleaning” and tonight we’re having friends over to watch our last horror movie of the year- Sinister. In terms of weightloss, no updates 😦 Still stalled at 269.

Also, I’m really considering starting to video blog on Youtube also. I think it might be a nice way for people to get to know me more personally, and I have had a couple requests for videos as well. We’ll see!

Love, peace, and happiness to all,

Dimand Girl

HW: 330

SW: 310

CW: 269


^^Family pumpkin patch day^^


^^Trick R Treating^^

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