No Pain No Gain

Hey guys! Still sitting at 266, but I’ll take it! When I lose about 10 more pounds I’ll be at my lowest high school weight (freshman year). Crazy, right!?

In my last post I talked about how I’m going to step up my game. I’ve been going to the gym more (4-5 times a week consistently), and I’ve been meal planning all week to a tee. I’ve been doing much better with carbs, and getting all of my water and protein in!! I still have problem area’s though. The biggest problem area is weekend’s. On Friday night’s Alex and I have a date night and do dinner out. This Friday we ate at Bonefish Grill. I made healthy choices (shrimp and scallop dinner), and I didn’t do too bad on calories that day. Then Saturday rolled around. We decided to order Rosati’s on Saturday and I got chicken parmesan with angel hair. As you can tell, this was already a horrible decision. The good news is it seems like I’m tolerating chicken much better now (but I’m still scared of rotisserie chicken). The bad news is, I’m making horribly poor decisions on the weekend. So Saturday and today (Sunday), I’ve spent finishing the chicken parmesan. Again…. HORRIBLE DECISION. Weekends are super difficult for me because I’m busy taking care of stuff during the week and because I’m so busy it’s easier to avoid eating in excess or getting tempted by bad foods. On the weekend, temptation is everywhere. This is something I will need to work on- now.

And now for the big news- drum roll please- I have decided to get a personal trainer! I already went for one evaluation at a place I really liked, but I’m trying to decide what I want to be doing right now. I know I want a trainer but I’m not sure at what capacity. People have recommended Crossfit, Zumba, Yoga, and private personal training sessions. Ok I’m getting ahead of myself. On Tuesday night after I did interval training on the Arc for 45 minutes I realized that it was getting easier for my body each day I did it. The problem is I really never know what to do when I’m at the gym. I see all the machines and I’ve even tried a bunch of them but I have no clue how much weight to use, how many sets, how long of breaks between sets, etc, etc, etc. I decided that I need a trainer or some sort of professional to “show me the way”. So I go onto Yelp (my favorite site in the whole world 😉 ) and look up personal trainers. I found a place which has incredible reviews- 5 stars out of 5. It’s called XDef and it’s right by me. The next day I went in for an evaluation. The evaluation was only 35 minutes and it kicked my butt!! It’s obvious they REALLY know what they’re talking about. They explain everything in great deal, they’re great motivators, etc. The problem is I have been in pain ever since that day and that was just the evaluation. I wake up every hour at night from the pain. Finally today I’m starting to feel better but I’m scared that it might be too much for me. The program I would be doing is $200 a month for a comprehensive meal plan and once a week training sessions (so four sessions a month). Obviously that’s a lot of money to pay which is another reason I’m unsure about doing it. Any advice you guys have for me is welcomed!

EVEN BIGGER NEWS!! I started a Weblog! I know, I’m over 3 months post op. I wish I started it sooner, but oh well! I got a lot of requests from people to start weblogging and to my surprise I actually really like it! I think it’s something I can only do every couple of weeks or so, but it’s kind of fun! Here’s the link to my youtube channel: (COMING SOON)

By the way, I received a lot of love this week! I got a few emails, Facebook messages and friend requests, and comments on Facebook and Pinterest. I’m really feeling the love and support from you guys! Someone said I was helping them not feel so afraid (they are in their pre-op stage right now). That literally made my day. I realize that this is a blog started to help other people, but I never realized how much it would actually help me. Love you all!

Dimand Girl

“Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.”- Robert Tew

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