3 Month Post-Op Appointment

Sorry, guys- my brain’s not functioning well enough to come up with a clever title today. My 3 month post-op appointment was on Wednesday and I met with my surgeon and my nutritionist. They both said the same thing basically. I got positive and negative feedback. I was asked to log some of my workouts and bring them to the appointment. They said my workouts look good and to keep it up. BUT…. they want me to lose weight faster. I owned up to the fact that I am still snacking/eating when I’m bored (not really hungry). I also explained that my carbs are between 100-150 a day, and my calories are around 1200 a day. They said it’s too much for now and put me on a more restrictive diet: 800-1000 calories a day and 40-70 carbs a day. So far I’m doing really well, though! The last two days I have eaten between 800-870 calories and only 40-50 carbs. I am vehemently meal planning now, too. I count every bite, sip, and crumb I ingest every day. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of everything. I’ve already lost 3 pounds in 3 days so clearly the doctors are right.

I always kind of knew I wasn’t trying as hard as I could have been. I still have weird emotional attachments to food. I eat when I’m bored, I eat when I’m emotional (even happy), I eat to socialize- food is a huge part of my life. I need to learn how to have a healthy relationship with it. I will always love food. I will always be a “foodie”. But I can’t let this continue to be an unhealthy relationship. I’m starting to think about finding a therapist (or group therapy) who specializes in this. I definitely need to get down to the core issues because if those don’t get resolved I’m risking going backwards and losing all my progress. Not 100% about therapy yet but I am definitely doing some deep soul searching to try to understand myself and this process on a deeper level (if that makes any sense). If y’all have any other questions about the appointment, what the doctors said, etc, feel free to email or contact me with them.

I think I told you guys this before but my hair is a hot mess. It’s been falling out in fist-fulls and it’s always tangled and knotted. My hair was super thick and wavy before surgery and now it’s thinned out so much (not in a good way) and it’s lost a lot of it’s perfect ocean waves 😦 I finally set an appointment to have it done tomorrow. I’m having them do long layers, a small trim (just enough to get rid of the split ends), and a Morrocanoil deep conditioning treatment done. I’m really excited and I’m praying to God that this helps because I feel like I’m one week away from needing a wig.

Peace, love, and a healthy head of hair to all,

Dimand Girl

HW: 330

SW: 310

CW: 260

“Every Champion was once a contender who refused to give up.”- Rocky Balboa

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”- Coco Chanel

4 thoughts on “3 Month Post-Op Appointment

    • James Marusek,

      Thank you very much for the info! It is definitely true because on good weeks (when I eat lots of protein), the hair loss is MUCH less. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!

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