Happiness Is

I’m a human being. I have days where I am lazy, sluggish, and miserable. Some days/nights I can’t stop thinking about my mom or other issues that stress me out (my to-do lists, financial issues, etc). Some days/nights things just continue to go wrong. I spilled coffee to start my morning, Autumn peed all over the floor (we’re currently potty training her), and I cut myself while opening a can of whole tomatoes. Some days suck.

But I would say I’m happy 90% of the time. I am a hugely blessed person. I met my soul mate early in life, and I could never have imagined loving someone the way I love him. I met Timur, my best friend in the whole world. We will be best friends for the rest of our lives. And I had my first beautiful child at 21, which seemed like it was too soon and I was too young, but actually my age was a blessing in disguise. I have a fantastic relationship with my dad, and I had an incredible relationship with my mom. My brother and sister are not just my siblings but honestly my best friends (even when I could kill them). My group of friends are legitimately family to me. God is freakin good.

Before I continue I have to say something. This is not a brag fest. One persons happiness is another persons misery. This is just the picture of my happiness. Yours might look completely differently. That being said, I believe that expressing gratitude and appreciation of life lifts people up to happier places. It certainly does for me. Continuing on…

This surgery has added happiness into my life that I never really knew was missing. This surgery gave me a longer future with these people that make me happy. This surgery has made me be a better parent. This surgery has given me so much in just 6 short months.

I saw my endocrinologist on Wednesday (after doing blood tests for him a couple days prior). He said the blood tests came back phenomenal! He said I am still getting great blood sugar ranges, and my hypertension is also cured. My cholesterol is no longer high, and he said I look like a new person. Coming from this doctor, it felt incredible!! He’s always been a very straightforward man. Dare I say even a little bit of a hard ass. To see him being so ecstatic about my progress really helped to renew how I view my progress. He also told me to stop calling myself a slow loser. He said that there will always be people who lose faster, but he said that I was doing fantastic! I left his office smiling from ear to ear.

All that being said, I’m still stalled. And I don’t care. I know I’m not done losing weight. I know this could take 2-3 years, but .I.don’t.care. I will get to the finish line. I just know it. Instead of obsessing over the number on the scale, I’ve just been embracing my new life. I’m enjoying how I can last an hour or longer doing intensive exercises at the gym. I’m enjoying that I now dance, play, jump, and run with Autumn on a daily basis. I’m enjoying that after a long day with a toddler I still have enough energy to cook a healthy dinner for my family. I’m enjoying that we’re planning a vacation soon and I’m not scared that I won’t be able to keep up. I’m enjoying everything.

I don’t have a lot of personal updates really. I’ve been having girls night’s with my girlfriends where we go get dinner and drinks, and then we park somewhere and talk and laugh laugh laugh! We do it every other week and it is such a good time. As I said above, I’ve been cooking almost every single night. Also last week there was an amazing snow day (it must have been at least 3 feet of snow!). Since the boys work in schools and all the schools were cancelled, we were all home together. We all got bundled up and went out into the snow. It was SO fun!!!! We had a snow ball fights, made snow angels, and just ran around in the snow. Autumn loved it too! She was surprisingly fine in the cold!

Also… AUTUMN IS TURNING 3 TOMORROW!!! I can barely wrap my head around it, but it’s really happening. Holy crap. It honestly feels like yesterday when she was born at 2 pounds 10 ounces. She was like the size of a freakin doll! And now my little warrior is about to be 3!! Her party is Sunday and we’re doing a Mickey Mouse and friends theme. I think she’ll have a blast! Updates coming next week!

Love and happiness to all,

Dimand Girl

“Did you know, there’s no such thing as too much gratitude? The more of it you express, the more reasons you’ll be given to express it.”- Mike Dooley

“In my daughter’s eyes I am a hero, I am strong and wise and I know no fear. But the truth is plain to see, she was sent to rescue me. I see who I want to be, in my daughter’s eyes.”- Martina McBride

“Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into my daughters eyes and realize I have already created one.”- Unknown


^^Snow day!! #snowpocalypse^^


^ ❤❤❤ ^


^^Girls day from two weeks ago and last night^^


^^Some of the recent dinners I’ve made. To list what they are: parsley and garlic shrimp and scallops with sauteed zucchini noodles. Matzo ball soup with chicken. Baked rainbow trout with brussel sprouts in a lemon and white wine reduction sauce and quinoa and brown rice. Lite margarita flat breads. Garlic, lemon, and white wine scallops and shrimp, and spaghetti squash with a light agave and ginger glaze. Baked parmesan shrimp with whole wheat panko and broccoli with lemon juice. For recipes, email me! (sdimand@gmail.com)

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