Alex’s Birthday Extravaganza!

Hey everyone!

Quick warning: There’s a high probability that today’s post will be very long. I haven’t updated in almost two weeks and a lot has happened!

In the last two months Autumn has had two “firsts”. Her first visit with the dentist, and her first real haircut. The dentist didn’t go too well. She was happy at first, but she pretty much cried her way through the whole appointment. It was actually pretty funny (does that make me a terrible mom?!)! Her first haircut she handled like a champ! She watched a Minnie Mouse video and let the stylist snip away without any tears or complaints. I was a proud mommy! And her hair looks exponentially better! Plus they said a trimming will help it grow out.

So Alex’s 27th Birthday was yesterday (Sunday March 15th). We spent the weekend celebrating him and it was a fantastic weekend! On Friday night we went to dinner at The Capital Grille with his parents, Timur, and Autumn. It was a really good time! My father-in-law and I got pretty drunk and we were laughing a lot. Good conversation and good food! It’s actually really funny because ever since my surgery I get drunk really fast! I mean one glass of wine fast, or 3/4 of a beer fast. It’s insane, but fun! After dinner we had our friends over to open gifts for Alex. He got amazing gifts! One of his gifts was the game Cards Against Humanity, so we played it with our friends. It was fun and absolutely hilarious!! If you haven’t already, check it out! On Saturday Alex’s parents watched Autumn while we (Alex, me, Sophia, and Timur) went out. We went to Star Cinema Grill which is a theater that serves food while you watch a movie. We ate lunch there and watched the new Cinderella. It was fantastic, I now recommend that movie to everyone! After the movie we went to Wolff’s Flea Market in Palatine. We walked around and bought a few cool things (Alex got some foreign currency- he collects it). After the flea market we went to an antique mall. Then we got Autumn and ate dinner. It was really fun but we were pretty tired by the end of the night.

Sunday was his actual birthday and it was a very long but very fun day! My sister watched Autumn (thanks again sis!) while my friends went to the city. It was Dinah, Sophia, Timur, Alex, and I. First we went to The Art Institute of Chicago. We got there at 12pm and didn’t leave until 5pm! We had lunch there and walked around the entire museum. We saw every exhibit (except a couple that are closed for the season)! After the museum we went to dinner at Hub 51. It was really yummy food, but the service took forever. We wound up being at the table for 2 hours. It was still fun though and we were dying of laughter the whole time so it pretty much flew by anyway. After dinner we walked back to the parking complex. We stopped and saw the river. The city is even more beautiful at night. It was a lot of walking but it was so so so worth it! After our walk we picked up Autumn and headed home. I checked the Fitbit at night and it said we walked just about 6 miles! I admit that I was pretty sore at night, but before surgery I wouldn’t have been able to walk that much in one day without being completely miserable. I had to sit down on a bench in the museum a few times, but after a minute of resting I was fine again. The difference in my energy is absolutely incredible! The night was actually pretty magical. Still, after a long weekend of movement it was nice to come home and just…. sit. All-in-all Alex’s birthday weekend was a booming success!

On a side note, for the last few months Autumn and I have been doing arts and crafts during the day. It’s actually really fun and it’s a good way to entertain her for a while! I sometimes catch myself starting to take over (so I can help perfect the project), but I’m trying really hard to let Autumn do as much work as possible. She has a lot of fun though! I go on my Pinterest and let her pick which project she wants to do together. I think that being creative is a really great quality to have so if I can help it I would like Autumn to have the creativity gene.

Happy early Saint Patrick’s Day to everyone that celebrates and Happy belated International Women’s Day to all of you incredible women out there!!!

Happiness to all,

Dimand Girl

HW: 330

SW: 310

CW: 250

For Alex: “Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you.”- Unknown

“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.”- Mandy Hale

“I would rather be exhausted from success than rested from failure.”- Unknown

IMG_5769 - Copy

^^Happy International Women’s Day!! We celebrated by taking out all of Autumn’s female toys (and Alex’s historical women figurines) and showing Autumn that women come in all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds but we all have the ability to be whatever we want to be. She loved it!!^^


^^Autumn’s first dentist appointment^^


^^Autumn’s first haircut^^

IMG_5731 - Copy

^^Our most recent arts and crafts projects^^

IMG_5729 (1) - Copy IMG_5728 - Copy

^^Alex’s Birthday Weekend!!^^

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