Spring Break 2015

Hey guys!! I’m so excited to finally have enough time to sit down and update y’all!

The surgery has really changed me. In small ways and in big ways. Some of the small ways: I hate pickles. I hate soy sauce. I love tomatoes. I get cold really easily now (and I love heat- which used to be my worst enemy). Trust me, they may sound small but to me they’re quite a change! Some of the big ways I’ve changed: I have crazy massive impressive amounts of energy. I’m more daring/brave/courageous. I’m even happier then I was before. Okay, now let me elaborate.

Last week (March 21-29) was spring break and since Timur and Alex work in schools they both had the week off. We planned on maybe going to Canada for spring break but everyone in my house (except me) was sick with the flu. Since Canada is so far away we would need about 4-7 days for a trip like that but since everyone was sick until Tuesday we thought we should push off the trip until May. Plus the weather in Canada wasn’t so great so that’s another reason we pushed it off. But I’m very excited for May! We will be spending 2-4 days in Toronto and 2-3 days in the Niagara Falls. Woohoo! So anyway on Tuesday everyone felt better and we were all kind of sad about not going to Canada. Out of nowhere I said “let’s pick a place and just GO.” So we packed up our bags (yes, we packed before we even picked a place) and then I started looking up destinations. I’ve always wanted to go to St. Louis but I thought it was too far, but when I looked it up and saw it was only 4.5-5 hours I realized we could definitely do it. So we picked up Soph and hit the road. We made fantastic time and spent two days exploring the city (and the suburbs since we stayed about 30 minutes away from the city to save money on the hotel). St. Louis is beautiful! It was so clean, everyone was so kind and polite, and we just had the best time! Some of the things we did on the trip: went up St. Louis’ famous arch, went into the capitol building, went to the most incredible interactive museum (it’s called City Museum), walked around the city, went swimming and hot tubbing.

We decided to spend a couple days in Springfield, IL on our way back. I’ve never been there and we thought it would be neat to bring Autumn (especially since Lincoln is one of the only President’s she knows by face- George Washington and President Obama are the other two!). Springfield was really fun too! Actually Alex liked Springfield more than St. Louis! He said it made him feel extremely patriotic (plus Timur and him are into history so they loved the history behind everything). We saw the old capitol building, the new capitol building, Lincoln’s tomb, Lincoln’s family home, went into a souvenir shop, etc. It was a really cool trip. I feel like I learned a lot and we all had a lot of laughs and fun exploring. I will admit that by the end of the day I felt a little like Lincoln’s stalker 😉

This trip taught me a lot about my new endurance. In 4 days we walked 14.49 miles! And I was honest-to-goodness fine. Not once did I get too tired to continue. It was absolutely the most eye-opening and incredible thing. I feel like a different person! Nothing is holding me back anymore! I’m not afraid of walking too much and being burnt out and in pain. I’m not afraid period. Another huge difference is my bravery and willingness to try new things (that I would never have tried before). For example, the City Museum in St. Louis was a highly interactive museum. You climb all over the place (kids and adults), go down huge slides, play in ball pits, sit on weird chairs that spin like tops, etc. And I tried everything. I was squeezing through bars and climbing and playing. I tried the chairs that spin like tops. I climbed higher than I’ve ever climbed before. I sat in the ball pit and played with everyone. It was freakin magical. I realized honestly for the first time that I’m a normal human being now. No more strings. My health is good and my abilities are great.

This trip has made me addicted to traveling! Now we have a bunch of trips we’re planning. Here’s my current list of trips I want to take soon: Door County, WI. Milwaukee, WI. Wisconsin Dells, WI. Indianapolis, IN. Louisville, KY. Columbus, OH. Cincinnati, OH. Nashville, TN. Mackinac Island, MI. Bloomington (Mall of America), MN. Montreal, QC, CA. Toronto, ON, CA. Niagara Falls, ON, CA. Ottawa, ON, CA. When I first went in for a surgery consultation (almost a year ago!) my surgeon said “I find it’s always good to have a reward system for yourself. Like every 10 pounds you lose you can buy a piece of jewelry or new clothes or whatever you want to reward yourself- as long as it’s not a food reward.” I never did this because I’ve been too busy getting angry with myself for not losing as fast as some people have. But I’m no longer angry. I see how far I’ve come and I’m marveling at my own hard work. On vacation I didn’t gain a single pound. In fact, I lost 5 ounces. The old me would have eaten so much crap, gained 10 pounds and not even given a damn. Not anymore. And these vacations/road-trips are my rewards. I have never been so certain of the fact that this surgery was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Okay so on a side note, we finally took the side off Autumn’s crib. So she’s starting to bed train. We did put a little gate in front of the door so she can’t just come and go as she pleases (recommended by her doctor). Eventually we will remove the gate and buy a full-size bed but for now… baby steps. On vacation she slept on a travel cot that we got for her. She was totally fine. She actually really liked having her own bed. At home it’s a little different. She does try to get up after we read to her, but when she see’s the gate in front of her door she goes back to her bed and sleeps (or sometimes cries and then sleeps). The potty training, however, is a different story. She’s really not taking to it as I had hoped she would. Some days she’s really good and takes off her undies and pants to go potty but some days she pee’s on the floor or right in her undies. Those days are very trying haha

Also I once mentioned that I’ve been feeling exhausted all the time and that I’m a coffee addict. I am still pretty addicted to coffee but I’ve cut down my intake significantly because I started to suspect that actually coffee was the culprit for my exhaustedness (not a word but I’m using it anyway’s). And I think I was right. Now that I’m drinking less coffee I feel a lot less tired! More updates on that to come.

Love and happiness to all!

Dimand Girl

“The secret to living your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can.”- Mike Dooley

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.”- Unknown

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”- George Addair


^^Autumn’s “bigger girl bed”^^


^^St. Louis trip!!^^


^^All the climbing and craziness at City Museum!^^


^^Springfield trip!^^


^^Look how “normal” I look!^^

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