Indefinitely, For Now.

Very happy to have some time to update y’all! I’ve been pretty good lately at posting here weekly, but since I started working it’s a little harder to find the time. I promise I’ll always make a solid effort to post here either weekly or at least bi-weekly. It’s actually kind of funny because when I go two or more weeks without posting I get some “hate mail” (people being like “Why did you stop posting? it’s so annoying how bloggers always quit after a year”- that was a real email I got). Just so you all know, I have no intention of ever “quitting”. As far as I’m concerned, I could blog for the rest of my life. I love it. If times get busy and I go a month without posting (or even two: gasp), I will still be back.

Speaking of feedback, I probably got 50 or more emails and facebook messages from y’all last week! I applied to most (maybe even all) of them already! Thank you guys so much for all of the support, advice, feedback, and well-wishes. I am 100% convinced that I wouldn’t have loved blogging this much without all of the amazing feedback from y’all.

On to the next topic.

I’m about 90% sure I’ve made my final decision about school. I think I’m going to pursue my Bachelor’s (and eventually Master’s) in Business Administration. I’m either going to narrow in on marketing, management, accounting, or something along those lines (because I think it’s more helpful when finding jobs to have a more specific field). Full disclosure: I could change my mind again. I was telling my sister on the phone the other day that I think I’m cursed in life because I’m not really all that passionate about anything. Take my husband for example. He has known since childhood that he wanted to teach history. History (especially European history) is his passion. I never really had that. My passions in life are food, friends, and family. I like to write, but I’m not that passionate about it. Which is why, when it comes to my career, I’m extremely indecisive. I’m sticking to this decision, indefinitely, for now (see what I did there?!).

I’ve been enjoying my job more and more. I’ve really learned my way around the store which makes it a lot easier to put clothes away. My least favorite job is the fitting room. People make huge messes in that area and you have to go in, clean the room, re-hang the clothes, and run around the store putting each item away. It’s annoying. And when we’re busy, it’s really annoying. My favorite job is cleaning and cash register. I like to refold the clothes and tidy up the displays. And my favorite place to clean in the store is kid, toddler, and baby. The reason I prefer that section is a.) I know my way around there the most, and b.) when I do the women’s section I’m tempted to buy everything.

It’s still hard getting used to being away from my family more. I miss the little things- cooking dinner, kissing Autumn goodnight, etc. And I’m still struggling with planning out my calories, protein, and carbs each day and sticking to it. This week I work four days in a row and I’m pretty exhausted by now. They’re all 4-6 hour shifts. My feet don’t hurt at all, but my back hurts all the time. Thank goodness I have an amazing hubby who gives me massages almost every night (love you babe!). I’m very excited for a couple days off. The upside to working a lot is I get in “free” exercise. Basically I am getting paid to do cardio. It’s cool because on work days I don’t have to exercise after or before work. I get in between 2.5-3 miles of walking a day, but there’s also a lot of lifting and bending.

Hope you guys have an amazing week and weekend!

Dimand Girl

HW: 330

SW: 310

CW: 245

“All things are difficult before they are easy.”- Thomas Fuller

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