But College Students Need Nap Time Too…

Hey guys! Lot’s of updates and pics this week!

Autumn and I started school on Tuesday! We’re both in school full days Tuesday’s and Thursdays. Autumn is still adjusting. Today and Tuesday she cried for the first 30 minutes and then wound up having a blast for the rest of the day (her teachers told me). They also told me that she’s one of the most social kids in the class! She’s already made four friends!

By the way, I have another Autumn update: she has her first “boyfriend”! Now before I get a bunch of emails saying “But Suzy, she’s only 3…” let me explain. They’re just friends, but they’re adorable together! Nicky lives at the building across from ours and every morning they run out and yell for each other “Hi Nicky!!” then a minute later we hear “Hi Autumn!!” SO CUTE! He is also such a gentlemen and he’s only 3 (almost 4)! When Autumn was cold, he took off his shirt (he had a shirt under it) and put it on her! They hold hands all the time, they hug, and he kisses her on the forehead! He also says things like “can we be best friends forever?”. My heart literally melts when I watch them! They play so well together too! They never fight, they share super well. Ugh, I love my neighborhood. She has 6 friends that are living in our building and the one across the way. So blessed!

It’s also kind of a huge adjustment for me going to back to school. It’s a little bittersweet. It’s bitter because all of my friends are gone. It’s really like starting over from scratch, except as a 24 (25 tomorrow!) year old instead of an 18 year old. It’s weird to be one of the oldest people in all my classes. The sweet part is that I’m taking even more steps to better myself. I want to be the best role model I can possibly be for Autumn, and education is important to me so I want to set a good example for her.

I have been lacking on exercise, but I have every intention on fixing that. I’ve been eating pretty well though. For my birthday tomorrow I am really going to try to eat well, but no promises!

I’ve been spending lots of time with friends and family lately! Since the schedule has gotten busier I just have to make more effort to see everyone and stay active. I definitely feel more tired every night, but in a good way. I feel more accomplished!

Love to all,

Dimand Girl

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything’s perfect. It mean’s you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”- Gerard Way

“You’re not alone, you have “helpers”, and the entire Universe is on your side!”- The Universe

IMG_0842 (2)

^^Family sushi dinner! Autumn love’s sushi (I’m a happy mama!)^^

IMG_0967 (2)

^^Family time! Grilling, laying in the field, playing, and going for a spin in Uncle Josh’s “fast car”!^^

IMG_0965 (2)

^^Autumn’s “boyfriend” ♥ ^^

IMG_0966 (2)

^^Friend Day’s make my heart smile!^^

IMG_0963 (2)

^^Autumn’s first day of daycare!^^

IMG_0932 (2)

^^My first day back to school, loving life!^^


Chocolate Covered Pizza?

Hey guys!!!

Really not that many personal updates, so I’m going to keep today’s post mostly about weight-loss. Just been seeing friends and preparing to go back to school next week. I’ve shifted from being nervous to excited! I’m sure I’ll have more personal updates next week.

I’m addicted to chocolate and pizza. Those are my vices. It’s different though because I can eat my vices and still lose weight. I think the reason for that is because when I eat pizza I can only eat 1-2 slices maximum. It’s easy enough to work that off. Mind you, pizza is still a bad choice. I’m sitting well at 238 right now, which is amazing seeing as I was stuck in the 240’s for what felt like 800 years. I have the same goal as before, to get at or below 200.

I’m still running but I’m thinking of cutting back. I spoke with my surgeon on the phone and he said that although running is great exercise, it is a very high impact (stressful on joints) workout and he thinks I should limit it and start back at the gym. I want to sign up for zumba classes, get a gym membership, and figure out how to properly lift weights. I would really love a personal trainer but I think it’s too much money right now.

I’ve been eating really well lately. Keeping my calories between 1,200 and 1,400 a day. The only big struggle is weekends. On Friday or Saturday Alex and I have a date night. I try to go somewhere health conscious (like Bonefish Grill), but I don’t always make the best choices. Then usually on Sunday we order out or pick up food. This day is always where I fail miserably. I’ll eat pasta, pizza, or something carb healthy like those two. My will power definitely still needs some work.

I’m still very thankful that even after a year out my lifestyle changes have stood firm. Some of my friends sadly have started regaining, and I’m still (slowly) losing. That, in itself, is something to be thankful about. I have a long  road still ahead of me, but at least I’ve begun the trip.

Here’s a helpful tip to y’all: mental state has a lot to do with physical state. If you are happy, it will be much easier to do better and to attain good health. If you are miserably, well- you get it. So strive for happiness!

Health, love, and happiness to all!

Dimand Girl

“I have chosen to be happy because it’s good for my health.”- Voltaire

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.”- Unknown

“Get the inside right. The outside will fall into place.”- Eckhart Tolle

The Wetter The Better!

Hey guys!

Been a hectic week around here guys, some good and some bad!

Here’s all of the updates (I put them in list form to make it easier):

-I start school on August 25th. I am pursuing a Business B.A. and only going part time.

-Alex goes back to work on Monday.

-Autumn starts daycare/pre-preschool on Monday.

-I’m fighting with my sister and have no intention of fixing it.

-One of my close friends- Marylou- moved to Florida. 😦

Okay. On to the bigger ones!

We just got back yesterday from an amazing vacation! Dinah, Timur, Alex, Autumn and I spent three days in Wisconsin. The first two days and nights we went to Wisconsin Dells, and then the third day we went to Madison. We did slides with Autumn and she loved them! On the second day we dropped her off at Kids Quest (basically a daycare) so we could have a few hours to do the scary slides and stuff. It was a lot of fun but we really missed her! Some of the stuff we did on the trip: hot tubs, slides, wave pools, go carts (Autumn loved them!), walking downtown, etc. In Madison we ate lunch outside in downtown at a cute bar and grill. We walked around the city and explored the capital building. It was just an amazing trip!

A few nights before the trip I had a really good night with my in-laws. We went to dinner at Maggiano’s and then to Dave and Busters for games. We didn’t get home until quite late (thank you again for watching Auty, Timur!). Thank goodness Alex’s mom drove because his dad and I got wasted. We were the life of the party! Laughing, dancing, playing games, and drinking some more. It was a great night and I really felt like the bond between us is stronger then ever. I needed it, a lot. It reminded me how lucky I am to have them. There are days where I am angry with them (we are family after all), but ultimately they are amazing in-laws. They watch Autumn so we can get out, they are supportive whenever we need it, and they are very loving towards me.

Love and happiness to all,

Dimand Girl

HW: 330

SW: 310

CW: 238

“Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need. People who genuinely care. They are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through.”- Karl Marx

“There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict. Walk away; the battle they are fighting isn’t with you, it is with themselves.”- Unknown

image1 (5)

^^Saying “see you later” to Marylou!^^

IMG_0193 (2)

^^Fun night with the in-laws!!^^

IMG_0412 (2)

^^Visiting with dad and Helen!^^

IMG_0426 (2)

^^Wisconsin Dells!^^

IMG_0427 (2)


IMG_0429 (2)

^^Autumn’s first backpack! Now she’s all ready for pre-preschool!^^

“The Land of Stories”

Hey guys! How’s everyone doing?

I wanted to start this post by saying a huge thank you! In the last couple of weeks (since my one year Surgiversary post), I have received an outpouring of love from y’all! I have received over 350 emails, Facebook messages, and texts from people. Wow! I couldn’t have even imagined the type of love and support I would get just from taking the steps to better myself. I have met so many incredible people, made so many lasting friendships, and learned so much about myself in the last year. This journey is far from over, and it’s the most beautiful one I could have imagined. I have fallen in love with life all over again.

Things are great on my end! For those of you who don’t know, Alex works in a school district as a teacher’s aide for special needs students. During the summer he wanted to keep working so he found a job at a daycare. He was recently promoted to a high school position (he was working with kindergartners before), and he took off the last couple weeks of summer before the high school starts so we can have time together as a family! I’m loving it! We go swimming all the time, we cook together, go to the library together… we basically do everything together and I love it!

Other than having my best friend home with me 24/7, not a whole lot of big updates. I’ve been spending lots of time with my friends. A couple nights ago I went to Dinah’s house and we watched some Batman, then we went to a hookah bar, and then we went to a real bar. It was super fun! I didn’t get back until quite late but it didn’t matter since Alex doesn’t work we stayed up and cuddled still. And yesterday we went to National Night Out in downtown Arlington Heights. It was so fun! It’s a cute festival with a live band, free stuff everywhere (popcorn, Popsicle’s, water, stickers, markers, face painting, moon bounces, the list goes on and on), and village trucks for the kiddos to play on (firetrucks, police cars, army hummers, etc). Autumn had a blast! I’ve also been reading the series “The Land of Stories” by Chris Colfer. Awesome books!

We leave for Wisconsin Dells next week! We’ll be spending three days in the water park capital! One of the days Autumn is going to this place called Kids Quest which is a daycare type center so the adults can go do all of the scary slides (and maybe enjoy a margarita or two!). Most of the crew is going: Alex, Timur, me, Autumn, Sophia, Dinah, and Gregg will be meeting us there. Woohoo! The last major hoorah of summer! Maybe.

My birthday is at the end of the month! Not sure how we’re celebrating yet but I know all of my friends will be getting together to do something. I will be 25. Jeez, time flies when you’re having fun!

Can y’all tell I really don’t have many updates? I’ve just been enjoying life every day! I hope you guys are doing the same!

Dimand Girl

“Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret anything that makes you smile.”- Mark Twain

^^I’m only using one quote today, because that quote means everything.^


^^Girls night! Dinner and drinks at Blackfinn!^^


^^Night out on the town with Dinah!^^


^^National Night Out in downtown Arlington Heights!^^