The Pursuit of… Homework

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since my last update, but if I’m being honest it will probably take me two weeks to update from now on.

Everything is going well! I had a rough start of the school year (just struggled a bit with adjusting to life being busier). I’m definitely starting to adjust well now. I have a little routine going, and I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of it now. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I stay at home with Autumn. She has friends over and I get to do some homework and figure out my meals for the week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I wake up at 6:30 am, get everyone ready, drop Autumn at preschool, drop Timur at work, and then go to school. I get home from school around 4 pm and I start dinner. Every night I do homework. I’m only taking 3 classes, but I feel like the homework is never-ending! That being said, I’ve already made some awesome friends at school and I’m enjoying my classes! It’s nice to be back! I think it will take me a while to fully adjust to the constant busy-ness, but I know that these are all positive changes so that helps. Life’s been good to me, guys.

We just made Autumn’s room into a Minnie Mouse wonderland, and she loves it! She always has her friends come over so they can play in her room. We are lucky enough to have five “built-in” friends (live in our complex). She’s as social as her mother, and I’m very proud of that! She’s liking pre-school more. The first couple weeks she cried hysterically when I dropped her off, but now she only cries for a minute or so. Plus when we pick her up she tells us what a great time she had at school.

My birthday was awesome by the way! Alex wanted it to be a birthday weekend, which made it even more awesome. I ate like shit, but made up for it the following week (I even lost a pound!). Alex took off on my birthday and TImur came home early. We all went to a sushi lunch and then shopped, swam and hung out. We baked a cake and had friends over. After Autumn went to bed, we had some drinks and played truth or dare (plus dancing…. if you can even call it that). It was an amazing night! I got a ton of presents and loved them all! Did I mention I’m a very lucky girl? The following weekend my dad took me out for my birthday to Jameson’s. So I basically celebrated my birthday for 10 days. Kind of! For my final birthday gift Alex and I are talking about getting me an iPhone 6! Woohoo!

So not a ton of updates, I’m going to list them out to make sure I don’t miss anything:

Autumn loves her new Minnie room, she’s been having a blast spending her days with friends at home or friends at pre-school, I’m adjusting (well) to being back in school, I’ve been spending my days with friends, family, or doing homework, I had an awesome birthday (best one yet!), and I think that’s all folks!

In terms of weight-loss, not a whole lot to update. I lost a pound because it’s easier to eat well when I’m at school. I bring a Quest bar, a big ol’ bottle of water, and make sure to meal prep for dinner the night before. I ate really bad last week. Really, really bad. A lot of pizza, sushi, and crap. Why didn’t I gain weight? No clue. But I’m very glad that I noticed my mistakes and got back on track. A couple years ago I would have lost control and never regained it. In fact, I don’t think I was ever in control.

One more cheesy thank you that has to be said. I woke up two days ago to 56 emails/messages/txts of support from you guys. Wow. I’m honestly humbled and honored at how much love and support I’ve received. I know sometimes I get busy and take a while to update my blog or respond to you guys, but no matter what I am eternally grateful for all of the support I have gotten from y’all. Eternally grateful.

Recipe coming soon…

Love you guys!

Dimand Girl

HW: 330

SW: 310

CW: 237

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”- Tim Ferris

IMG_1606 (2) IMG_1609 (2)

^^Friend time!! Like mother, like daughter!^^

IMG_1612 (2)

^^She’s obsessed with her Minnie Mouse room!^^

IMG_1611 (2)

^^(Some of the) Birthday Festivities!!^^


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